Polina Soloveichik

Closer Look: Polina Soloveichik's murals

This week, I came across these gorgeous murals here which are located in Beelitz, Germany. The artist is Polina Soloveichik and unfortunately I can't find anything about her! The most I could find is her website which includes more murals, etchings, prints, paintings and lots of collaborative work. 

HOWEVER, these murals caught my heartstrings. The beautiful cobalt blue, white and gold combinations remind me a lot of ancient chinese and dutch pottery. The scale of these murals and how they make that one building stand out amongst the rest, really make these murals so magical! The patterns cascading down the building and around the entryways and along the balconies feels like this building belongs in another world.  New goal: somehow make it to Beelitz and really take it all in!