Walking Pieces of Art

For years, my roommates and I have had conversations about personal fashion style. It is clear to me and everyone that Yonit has her own flair. She is a costume designer and while she may dress others in monochromatic clothing for a show, she will almost never wear black. Yonit is a magnet for vintage dresses, mostly from the 1970’s, and will always flaunt pattern like a second layer of skin. On the other end of the spectrum, Rebecca sticks to the world of solid teals, cerulean blues, emeralds and black, black, black. After living with me and Yonit, she finally broke down and purchased 2 patterned shirts and one patterned dress (Which I designed the textiles for! Check it out!). She has also gotten herself into the habit of trying on at least one patterned garment when going shopping, though she rarely buys it. I am in the middle. Prints and patterns always on my mind, I either wear solids from head to toe with a bold, bright colored obviously, patterned scarf, or I flaunt a printed dress adding funky jewelry and a super saturated pair of sun glasses.

As a textile designer, I have noticed a trend in patterns these last few months and the boom in repeats has got me giddy. I am often mistaken for checking girls out, when in reality I am analyzing the back of their skirts, racing against the clock to find the repeat before they walk too far away. Some males have finally learned how awkward it is to have a conversation with someone’s eyes on their chest, when I come over and investigate the repeat on their ties. I am never shy to praise a stranger on their bold print choice and I am even better at commenting to friend about how a pattern would tie their whole outfit together.

I really do believe patterns enhance one’s personal fashion style. Stripes can narrow or widen someone’s frame, polka dots can add sophisticated or playful pops of color, a floral print can give a nod to tradition, while geometric shapes bring out someone’s edge. Abstract brushstrokes on a blouse can make a formal statement, while little sailboats across a skirt can relax and ease your outfit. In a way, when incorporating pattern into your wardrobe, big or small, you transform into a walking piece of art.

Our holiday card for 2012. Clearly, Rebecca, Yonit and I are sporting our finest patterns! 

Our holiday card for 2012. Clearly, Rebecca, Yonit and I are sporting our finest patterns!