And we are back!

Sorry friends for the month long break. This past month has been filled with moving into a new space, adding a new roommate, new work and new designs (not to mention a birthday) In these next few weeks, I will share bits and pieces of my exciting changes (so stay tuned!) 

Let us begin with a bang! ModCloth is, yet again, selling a dress with my print on it. Say hello to the Toast to Coast dress! I designed this print for Mata Traders, and while they have a dress very similar to this one for their Fall '13 collection, the Toast to Coast dress is a ModCloth exclusive. 


Toast To Coast Dress

Toast To Coast Dress

This retro cocktail design was actually a collaboration between myself and 2 interns who worked at Mata Traders last summer. We each illustrated a few bottles and glasses, only to combine them all to create this snazzy pattern. There are a few more dresses with this print this season, so get excited to see it in more styles!