Closer Look: Katie Chappuis

One of my closest friends here in Chicago is a lady by the name of Katie Chappuis. We met in the summer of 2009 in Copenhagen, Denmark, where we fell in love with textile design. A few years have past and we both made Chicago our home. We are also each other's "textile therapists"  and have helped each other process our careers, ideas, passions, inspirations, desires and dreams. There are plans in place for us to collaborate on bigger projects in the not too distant future, but that is for another time and post. 

Katie has spent the last few months designing patterns that have a contemporary flare, focusing on composition and color. She has finally launched her website and last week I had the pleasure of helping her sew up some samples for her Chicago debut. She will be displaying her work at The Guerrilla Truck Show in Chicago's Fulton Street Market neighborhood, June 11th 2013 from 5:30pm - 9:30pm! If you live in Chicago, I urge you to go see her work in person, and if you see that bubbly redhead with the contagious laugh, tell her Shif sent you!


Hard at work in the studio!

Hard at work in the studio!