Verily Merrily Mary

Frocktober Fest

These last 2 years as a freelance textile designer for Mata Traders has taught me so much not only about myself as a designer and the process of designing for a collection, but it also reminds me that in the end, it makes someone happy. Recently, I have been finding images of women who are wearing my designs who share it on social media and blogging about it. It is one thing to design a pattern for a product, but to actually see it on a person in the real world is a wonderful feeling. Seeing that it is the beginning of the month, I will refer to this as a Frocktober Fest!

PatternPeopleBlog copy.jpg

I gathered some images of these fabulous ladies (some of whom I actually know!) and am excited to share their blogs and websites with you, my fellow readers! 

1.Mushmina 2.Jenny Levison ( a family friend fabulously sportin' my rooster print!) 3.Walking with Cake 4.Birds of a Thread 5.Cuddly Cacti (She owns a sweet fair trade, non-profit shop called Mitla Moda) 6.Fair For All Guide 7.Only Just Be 8.Un Petit Fauve 9.Anne Eaikin Moss (another family friend who said she saw this in a Baltimore shop window and instantly recognized that it was one of my prints!) 10.Mushmina 11.Un Petit Fauve (I am in love with the whole concept of serenading a corgi) 12.Verily Merrily Mary.

I hope you check out these fantastic sites and blogs, and may you celebrate Frocktober Fest in your own unique way!