Forecasting the Doodles Print

I get so excited about the first day of the design process for a new collection at Mata Traders. The design crew sits at a table and combs through the trend forecast. We identify what we like individually and then think about what would work well with our manufacturing capabilities and overall esthetic. Sometimes (if we're are lucky) we see really strong trends and decide to merge them. That was the case with this Doodles print.

Doodles Print. Textile design by Shifra Whiteman. Dresses by Mata Traders. Spring '13 collection.

Doodles Print. Textile design by Shifra Whiteman. Dresses by Mata Traders. Spring '13 collection.

There were some great images in our trend forecast back in 2012. One page was full of   hand drawn doodles, which is one of my favorite styles to create. After perusing the pages a bit more, we noticed the slight shift from the southwestern/aztec trend that were all the rage in Spring 2012, to more Moroccan and Moorish geometric trends popping up all over the Spring 2013 forecast. Combining both the hand drawn style with Moroccan and Moorish shapes seemed like the perfect match.

Dresses by Mata Traders.

Dresses by Mata Traders.

This Doodles print was designed as a traditional block print which gave a softer, yet still edgy feel to the fabric. It was produced in 2 color ways, on 2 different garments and gives off 2 totally different vibes: The strong and structured Shanghai Shift Dress on the left and the flowy and playful Twist and Twirl Dress on the right. 

I personally enjoyed the challenge of merging different trends. Just reminiscing and writing about this process has gotten me excited about the start of designing a whole new collection. In just a few weeks we will start designing for Mata Traders' Spring 2015  line and I am sure we will have many amazing stories of processes and inspiration to share with you.


Frocktober Fest

These last 2 years as a freelance textile designer for Mata Traders has taught me so much not only about myself as a designer and the process of designing for a collection, but it also reminds me that in the end, it makes someone happy. Recently, I have been finding images of women who are wearing my designs who share it on social media and blogging about it. It is one thing to design a pattern for a product, but to actually see it on a person in the real world is a wonderful feeling. Seeing that it is the beginning of the month, I will refer to this as a Frocktober Fest!

PatternPeopleBlog copy.jpg

I gathered some images of these fabulous ladies (some of whom I actually know!) and am excited to share their blogs and websites with you, my fellow readers! 

1.Mushmina 2.Jenny Levison ( a family friend fabulously sportin' my rooster print!) 3.Walking with Cake 4.Birds of a Thread 5.Cuddly Cacti (She owns a sweet fair trade, non-profit shop called Mitla Moda) 6.Fair For All Guide 7.Only Just Be 8.Un Petit Fauve 9.Anne Eaikin Moss (another family friend who said she saw this in a Baltimore shop window and instantly recognized that it was one of my prints!) 10.Mushmina 11.Un Petit Fauve (I am in love with the whole concept of serenading a corgi) 12.Verily Merrily Mary.

I hope you check out these fantastic sites and blogs, and may you celebrate Frocktober Fest in your own unique way!