Spring '14 on ModCloth!

WOW! It has been way too long since I have written a post, but that just means I have been working like crazy these last few months, and boy do I have some goodies to share! Within the next few weeks I will be writing about all my projects but for now I thought I would start with an exciting announcement.

Textile designs by Shifra Whiteman. Garments by Mata Traders. Sold through ModCloth. 

Textile designs by Shifra Whiteman. Garments by Mata Traders. Sold through ModCloth. 

ModCloth is, once again, selling garments with my textile designs! I designed these fabrics for Mata Traders and ModCloth ordered these garments to start Spring '14. On the far left, is the Perennial Picking Top, in the same floral print I designed for the Fall '13 Meet Me in the Meadow Dress. The cascading roses make this top look so sweet. Next to it we have the An Enchanted Evening Dress. This dress was designed specifically for ModCloth but the same fabric can be found on other dresses in Mata Traders' Spring '14 collection (available on their website in April). The following dress is the Give You a Print Dress in Hexagons. I designed this print for Mata Traders' Spring '13 collection but it was so cute that we decided to use it again! On our far right we have the Carry On With Confidence Top in Sailboats. This was a fun collaboration textile which I will write about in the next few weeks. I love how nautical the top looks with that tie in front. 

This is literally just the tip of the iceberg! Each of these designs has a story behind it, which I will write about and cannot wait to share so stay tuned! 

Once upon a Yiddish bicycle...

A few years ago, a friend of mine asked me to custom paint her bicycle. A bit about this friend, her name is Eve Jochnowitz and she is a wonderfully creative individual who works with food (Check out her blog HERE!), Yiddish language & culture, and folk dancing to name a few. She is also an avid cyclist who pedals fearlessly down the streets and avenues of NYC. 


Anyways, back to the story, a few years ago Eve had asked me to paint one of her many bicycles. However, due to location, time and who knows what else, the project kept being pushed back... until this past summer!

Eve had gotten the pistachio green base coat painted before hand at Horse Cycles and had brought small jars of chocolate brown and red enamel paint for me to use. I painted the text "טאָ לערנט זיך שוין ייִדיש’' on one side and the translation "Learn Yiddish already!" on the other. In addition to the text, we decided that branches and vines should be painted as if it were taking over the bicycle and pomegranates (a traditional Jewish fruit and symbol) would be growing all around. We also decided to hide a few images of goats (another traditional Yiddish symbol) to add as a game!


After it was all finished and dried, Eve brought the bicycle parts back to NYC, returned to Horse Cycles for a finishing coat and had the whole thing reassembled at Bikeworks, on the Lower East Side. She sent me an image of the bike all put together, but it's also great getting surprise photos and texts from friends spotting the Yiddish bicycle parked all around NYC.

Secret Santa

Being the Jewish girl that I am, I can count on my hand the few times I participated in the thrilling seasonal activity, "Secret Santa". This year the staff at Mata Traders organized a "Secret Santa" and the big reveal was at our holiday party last Friday. The theme was "My favorite color is..." and while some people strayed away from the theme, the gift given to me was for many reasons the most awesome gift ever!  

Fair Coast leather clutch with my textile design as the lining!

Fair Coast leather clutch with my textile design as the lining!

Last month I learned about a company called Fair Coast. They are a local company based in Chicago that makes handmade leather goods. I met the Fair Coast husband & wife duo at a holiday fair a few weeks ago. They are the sweetest people who are passionate about handmade products and working with companies and people who are local and ethical. They came over to Mata Traders and bought a handful of damaged dresses (garments with broken zippers, misprints, minor tears...etc.) and repurposed the fabric as lining for their leather clutches. 

Katie Gavenda, my "Secret Santa" and marketing associate at Mata Traders (not to mention an awesome graphic designer) really hit the ball out of the park with this gift. It means so much to me that she thought of this awesome company, but she also picked the lining with my original design! When I opened the box and saw the Fair Coast logo stamped on the protective bag, I knew exactly what it was I was receiving and started jumping up and down like... oh I don't know, a kid on Christmas morning! 

Fair Coast envelope clutches with repurposed Mata Traders fabric as lining. 

Fair Coast envelope clutches with repurposed Mata Traders fabric as lining.