Around a year and a half ago, I got a new laptop and that meant a new laptop case! I realized that in this world of buying "stuff" there was an opportunity to help people as well. Since then, I have been trying to make a conscious effort to purchase less. However what I do buy, I try and support a fair trade, ethical and/or sustainable company.  

Della - Soaring II Macbook case

Della - Soaring II Macbook case

I learned about this wonderful company called Della. At Della, Ghana women create beautiful laptop cases and get paid a fair wage. I immediately purchased one. They use traditional African dutch wax batik fabrics, which are filled with bright bold colors and really makes a statement. This is just one example of how a small purchase can make a huge difference in the lives of people all over the world. 

I feel so proud to me designing for companies that share the same mission and ideals as this company. Please think of fair trade organizations and companies when looking over your gift list and consider supporting them. 

Below is a video that shows the women of Della and how happy they are working for such a great company.

The Business of Fast Fashion

I was made aware of a wonderful illustrative video from the MinuteMBA series. This one in particular hits home because over the last few years working for an small ethical/fair-trade fashion company, I am able to really see what fast fashion has done. It's difficult, of course, with a limited budget wanting something cheap and on trend once in a while, but long term these clothes don't last and are out of style within months. It is not sustainable. I have become more conscious of my purchasing choices and will now opt for a well made dress or sweater rather than grab 5 cheap things from a fast fashion store.

Since I started designing at Mata Traders and seeing the process of fashion from start to finish, it has reinforced my desire to design but with fairness, social justice and sustainability in mind. Maybe if society as a whole starts to think about purchasing choices and less of quantity and trend, we would be able to find a healthy balance that fits all types of budgets & styles, while heading in a more ethical and sustainable direction. 

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